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The Credit Union Difference

Doing business with the Nevis Cooperative Credit Union gives you more advantage than other institutions. Best of all, you’re a part owner of the credit union-which means that earnings are paid back to you, not stockholders. We offer higher dividends and low interest rates. NCCU is a not-for-profit organization that proudly serves the community and supports local organizations throughout Nevis.

Why join Nevis Cooperative Credit Union?

When you become a member of Nevis Co-operative Credit Union, you join a cooperative that is 5000 plus members strong. NCCU is a leading credit union offering the same products, services and stability you’d find at a traditional bank.

Application Form

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(If self employed, please supply supporting documentation in its original form Or a notarized copy (Business License or a Certificate of Good Standing from the relevant body)

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(State full name below) I, on becoming a member of the Nevis Co-operative Credit Union Limited in accordance with section 106, of the Co-operatives Societies Act, 2011 made there under; and the By-Laws of the above named society, hereby nominate the following as the only person(s) to or among whom to my property in the society, shall be transferred, whether in shares, deposits, or interest held by me in the said society, in the event of my death, in such proportion(s) as is/are set forth below opposite their respective names:


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I further appoint the following person(s) as Trustee(s) for the minor(s) nominated above, until he/she attains the age of Eighteen (18), (any Trustee(s) appointed must be Eighteen (18) years of age or older).


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Customer Service

Please feel welcome to contact our friendly staff with any enquiry call us.

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